About B&H

We Make Your Backyard Fun!

Our company specializes in quality vinyl pools and pool products at affordable prices We are committed to building an inviting pool for you that will add beauty and value to your home With many shapes and sizes to choose from we have one that will turn your ordinary backyard into a stunning backyard escape.

Once the water is added youll be able to enjoy the view around your pool as well as the time you spend in it. We offer products that are proven to be both reliable and durable We ensure quality at every turn with our advanced construction process and products with proven outstanding performance Your pool will also be protected by a full warranty providing a lifetime of recreation and fun Please contact us for more information.

Customize to Your Liking

Go beyond the basic pool and choose from a variety of special additions and products to complement your pool One of our fine spas or dramatic water features can be the perfect finishing touch Our professional construction crew will carefully install your pool and any options you have selected.

A Rich History of Exceptional Service

We started in 1967 so we know first hand that quality and experience make the difference Staff at B & H Pool and Patio are fully licensed and all our projects and jobs are owner supervised With over 40 years in the pool industry we know how to service and to satisfy our customers

We'd like to share your backyard escape and know that were ready willing and able to earn your business today! From pool service and installation to chemicals and accessories nobody does it better! Google+.
We proudly serve the Piedmont including High Point Greensboro Winston-Salem and everywhere in between!
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